Terramor LLC

Integrated Land Stewardship

Terramor LLC

Integrated Land Stewardship

Terramor, LLC

Terramor, LLC specializes in lower impact conscientious earth working, making our working and recreational landscapes more accessible and resilient.

Our work revolves around the premise that as humans we have a base desire to feel integrated into the natural world to which we belong - we long to not feel separate from nature, despite what we often learn from our cultural experiences. We create eco-integrated accessible walkways, trails, landscape features, water features, and building sites; all with a keen eye towards functional and aesthetic human design, and a strong understanding and appreciation of the ecology of the soil, water, plants and animals. By working with the specific needs of our clients, the parameters of the local landscape, and the least intrusive equipment, we make it easier to connect to your natural landscape.

Parking Areas

Log landing reclaimed for parking at a nature preserve

Homestead Solutions

Rainwater catchment system for irrigation

Trail Design Layout

Cutting in a new trail

Trail Repairs

Repairing an eroded motorized vehicle trail

Multi-Use Trails

Farm access and walking trail through field

Sustainable Sitework

Repair of an eroded hillside with multiple slope solutions

Homestead Solutions

Using dead trees as a natural fence

Wheelchair and Accessible Trails