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Integrated Land Stewardship

Terramor LLC

Integrated Land Stewardship


Our ability to be mobile is often taken for granted, but every person has a different relationship with their mobility. Some people weave through the trees on mountain bikes of their own volition, others choose to scramble up slopes the motorized way. Many people select a slower approach, and walk quietly through the forest. For some, mobility can be affected through age, health, accident, or genetics to the point where their lifestyle options become severely limited due to the inaccessibility they encounter. At Terramor LLC, we take ALL factors into consideration when designing and building access on the landscape. Aesthetics, accessibility, habitat disruption, efficiency, all things to negotiate with when planning access. The one parameter that we will not compromise in however, is sustainability - which is measured by how little time and resources are used to maintain the functionality of the access over time. The base and surface materials, the slope, and the placement of the access on the landscape all follow the laws of physics, laws that are enforced by traffic and water. When you get any of the ingredients wrong, water will punish you by washing away your trail tread, and traffic will turn your springtime driveway into soup!  We Design, Build, and Repair:

- Hiking/biking and multi-use paths

- Horseback riding Trails

- Wheelchair accessible trails

- OHV trails

- Driveways

- Farm access

- Woods roads

- Wetland access


Proper Trail Placement

Designing the layout with both the geography and the aesthetics in mind is both and art and a science.

Best Practices

Use of Geotextiles where appropriate, means less excavation and material to be brought in, and less maintenance.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Using USFS guidelines to make access to natural areas more universal.

Choosing the Right Materials

These larger stones underlaid a finer gravel to provide armoring in a wet area of this OHV trail.

Sustainable Rerouting

Many existing trails are not well planned out, sometimes rerouting is the best solution.