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Integrated Land Stewardship

Terramor LLC

Integrated Land Stewardship


Water is most definitely life! It has the power to keep us alive, and it has the force to wash us away in an instant. In the Northeast we've not had to encounter the lack of water very long, but we have more recently been deluged with too much water at times. As we enter into this era of climate uncertainty, water will likely play a different role than it has in our most recent past. But what we do know for certain that it has mass and can push things, it turns solid when it freezes, it dissolves, it sticks to things, it evaporates, and in its liquid form it follows gravity. With all this in mind, we can design and build simple and elegant systems to collect, direct, absorb, and move water in the landscape.

- Irrigation, farm, and fire ponds

- Rain gardens

- Swales

- French/curtain drains

- Culverts - Trenching


Irrigation and Farm Ponds

A water retention pond filling up.


These subtle grade changes will allow the water to infiltrate the ground, and will guide it around a greenhouse below.

Drainage and Trenching

Getting electricity to the barn

Rainwater Harvesting

An effective and economical system for collecting and using rainwater.

Working with the Water

A culvert under a multi-use trail for seasonal runoff.