Terramor LLC

Integrated Land Stewardship

Terramor LLC

Integrated Land Stewardship

Land Forming

For better or for worse, we have the power to shape the face of the earth. At Terramor LLC, we don't take that power lightly! Through soil assessment, geological and geographical analysis, access to a variety of tools, techniques and machines, as well as some good old Yankee ingenuity, we can provide solutions to your small-scale earthworking needs.

- Berms

- Retaining Walls

- Site leveling/grading

- Footings

- Raised beds


Land Forming

This berm will be a wall for a farm pond.

The Right Tools for the Right Job

Sometimes breaking off rocks is more effective and efficient than digging them if they are in the way.

Erosion Control Solutions

This backyard slope gave way due to improper water and soil management. This solution involved multiple techniques.

Site Preparation

This area will be a greenhouse, the sod was removed, the grade changed, and then the organic layer spread back on top.

Functional Hardscaping

Well thought out and designed access and drainage can be all the difference to your farm or home.