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Integrated Land Stewardship

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Integrated Land Stewardship

Homestead Services

Many of us have chosen to live close to forests and farmland in order to be reminded of our connection to the rest of the natural world. Whether you are raising chickens for your own egg consumption, growing a small nursery, or harvesting timber to build your own house, there will come a time when the task at hand will be too much to tackle on your own with the tools and skills you have.

Below are some of the typical services we've provided, but if you're stumped at how to make something happen let us know and we'll take a look!

Rainwater Harvesting

Wells are expensive, and why bother digging up from the ground what comes from the sky? For irrigation, washing, gardening, and animal care, take advantage of the rainwater from your roof or your landscape to ecologically and economically tend your land.

Debris Removal

Is your yard waste pile getting out of hand? Thought you were going to burn it, but never got around to it? For those debris removal projects too small for the tree company to take care of, and too big for your pickup truck, give us a call! We won't make a mess of your yard in the process. 

Materials Handling

Sometimes that wheelbarrow and shovel gets a bit too tedious, and the springs on the old pickup are getting tired. When you need to get stone, logs, firewood, mulch, compost, chicken coops, etc. from one place to another on your property, even with limited access, we'll figure out how to do it safely and efficiently.


We can install no dig footings for small buildings, barns, decks, raised walkways, solar panels, using earth screws, helical piles, or diamond piers. These are much less intrusive techniques for making a very stable footing without having to dig holes and add concrete. Suitable for wet or even submerged areas.

Tree Planting and Pruning

We all want to keep our trees "healthy" but most trees do just fine without us. But where we CAN help, is in making and keeping trees structurally sound. It's usually a broken limb, damaged bark, or improperly growing roots that will be the initial cause of weakness and susceptibility to pathogens, all of which can be avoided or remedied. Do you know, quite often, that the demise of a young shade tree in someone's landscape is directly linked to improper planting and/or lack of structural pruning 10-20 years prior? Before buying or planting a tree in your landscape or garden, consult with us to learn best practices, and we'll help you create a pruning schedule to help keep your fruit trees fruiting, and your shade trees shading, for years to come.


It is possible to move trees from one place to another!

Moving Materials

This wood from a forest cleanup operation got turned into a natural screening material.

Rainwater Harvesting

This system is relatively inexpensive and allows for overflow to irrigate the gardens below.

Installing Earth Screws

A small barn will be built on these footings, just as sturdy as concrete footings!


We can get most materials to most places!